Our Approach

Our service approach start off with a comprehensive analysis to identify gaps and opportunities; we conduct onsite visits to talk to you to understand your needs, wants and evaluate the premises.  Follow up with proposal that includes energy yield assessment and cost benefit analysis including investment return schedule.  We don’t stop there, after the system is delivered, we also provide remote monitoring and regular maintenance system service to provide you with a worry free and robust system


Our Experience

With more than 10 years of experience in the solar industry, we have worked on numerous solar projects including but not limited to solar power planet design, installation, inspection & operation maintenance. Key team members were keynote speaker to various solar events and was the initiator of solar social responsibility projects in Asia.

Our experiences are not only with solar system projects, our expertise extend to manufacturing as well. Together with our own manufacturing facilities in China & Vietnam we are able to provide you one stop solar system service with quality equipments.

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Why Us?

Solar means Sun, in our term eternal energy.  We want to share our passion by helping others. We not just provide a robust system, we offer 20 years of system warranty plus 3 years of remote monitoring & maintenance services.  Our aim is to give you a worry free system.

  • Product technology wise, we are backed up by our own affiliated factory
  • Finanical wise, we are backed up by AIB: American International Bank.

We are fully insured with 5 million CAD of Commercial General Liability

Rest assure, we are here to stay.

Talk to us today about how we can support your imagination, limit your cost, put you on a solid track to starting earning and contribute to a greener earth